A personalized registration page allows a person who is contacting you for the first time to see a registration page that looks like it is part of your website rather than the default registration page that we normally generate. Anyone can have a personalized registration page --- you do not actually have to have your own website to use one.

The page can have whatever graphics and text you choose. Typically we create a suitable page from your existing home page but you can provide us with a different design if you prefer and indicate where you would like the various challenge/response related fields to appear. The process is interactive between your company and our team and can go through several iterations to create a personalized page to your satisfaction.

Personalized registration pages can be associated with your domain or with individual email addresses. If a page is associated with an individual email address, it will be used automatically, otherwise the page associated with your domain will be used. This gives you the flexibility to allow customers to see different challenge pages depending on whom they are trying contact. For example, the personalized registration page seen by customers contacting your sales department might be quite different than the page they see if they contact customer support or your human resources department.

Click here to see some sample personalized pages.

Once you have ordered your personalized page, you will be contacted within 1 to 2 business days to begin the process of creating your personalized registration pages.