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ChoiceMail v5.x Released!

New Features
  • btn-upgrade-nowsmall.gifSmart Message Forwarding - ChoiceMail v5.x can now easily forward your ChoiceMail cleaned mail to your online account. This means that you can now safely get your spam-free mail on your BlackBerry, iPhone or other small device or anywhere where you have a web browser access. The message forwarding that we built into ChoiceMail works differently than message forwarding in your email application. When ChoiceMail forwards a message - you will see the original sender as the sender of the message and if you reply - the reply will go to the correct address of the original sender. Regular message forwarding breaks these rules and forwards messages from you so replying from your phone is actually replying to yourself which is most likely not what you want. Our users requested this feature - we listened!
    box.gifClick here to read how to set this up in three easy steps!
  • Whitelist Exporting built in.ChoiceMail v5.x now has the ability to export your whitelist form the ChoiceMail Admin Control Panel. Just click on User Management, select your username and click the export button. You can backup this file or use it when you move ChoiceMail to a new system. To import your whitelist back - simply select Actions->Import in your ChoiceMail and select the file you exported to.
  • Built in web server . ChoiceMail v5.x contains its own small, but safe web server. This means that you can now access your ChoiceMail using a web browser from anywhere in the house. Anything you could do with your ChoiceMail application can now be done using a web browser. You can also access your ChoiceMail from outside your house provided you have a way to access your computer and set up your firewall/router properly.
  • New skin support. ChoiceMail now support several different skins (including the previous version one). This way you can change the look of your ChoiceMail application with a click of a button. Just look under the "Display" menu.

    Upgrade your ChoiceMail now for only $19.95

From The Founder

Let me once again thank all of you for your support over the years. As I look back at how ChoiceMail has evolved, it's quite clear to me that we made the right choice from the beginning to base spam protection on acceptance rather than on blocking. I've watched as spammers continue to find workarounds for filter-based systems, and watched as the news media continue to report horror stories of people falling for phishing scams and other such tricks by responding to email messages that just don't show up in my email box. Requiring a stranger to "knock at your door" is simply reasonable!

ChoiceMail v5 has some great new features that we hope everyone will find very useful. In fact we know you will find these new features useful....we implemented them because our customers asked for them. You can now forward accepted emails from ChoiceMail to your PDA (Blackberry, iPhone, and so forth) but the received email on your PDA doesn't look like a forwarded message, it still looks like it came directly from the original sender and replies will go to the original sender. We have also included a mini webserver that allows you to access ChoiceMail through a web browser, either on the same machine or on another machine inside your LAN.

These are difficult times and it's going to take a while before we begin to see the environment around us improve. Sadly, there are already many con artists out there trying to leverage our fears and attempting to scam innocent users out of money by trying to persuade them that they can do better with their mortgage and/or other investments to survive the downturn. I am happy to know that ChoiceMail has been effective protecting our customers from these and other malicious scams.

David Jameson

PS: ChoiceMail Desktop V 5 now has a new lower price of $29.95.

no-junk-mail-white.gifChoiceMail Features and Benefits

Common Benefits of all versions
  • 100% effective-get ZERO spam
  • lose ZERO wanted messages.
  • Increased productivity – Typical ChoiceMail user saves 15 minutes per day
  • Fully customizable – adapts to you, not the other way around
  • Quick and easy to install, requires virtually no maintenance
  • Protects your email from dangerous and offensive content

  • ChoiceMail Small Business Server

    (For groups that get their email via POP3 (ISP))

  • Improved user interface
  • Faster internal processing

  • ChoiceMail Enterprise Server

    (For groups that have their own email server)

  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF) stops senders from faking the “from” address
  • Faster internal processing
  • Server based customers that have not yet upgraded to version 5 should contact Herb Wise at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 407 506-4737.

    ChoiceMail Version 6

    We are planning many exciting new capabilities for V 6. Your input is always welcome.

    Please email CEO Ron Weindruch at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your ideas to enhance ChoiceMail.

    Tips and Tricks

    Setting up ChoiceMail Desktop to Protect your SmartPhone.

    Special Offer

    Custom Registration Page Now $100 -----Was $300 ------ Through Mach 31, 2009

    When an unknown sender clicks on the link in the email that ChoiceMail automatically sends to verify their identity, the webpage that is displayed is styled based on DigiPortal Software’s website. Many of our customers, especially server-based users, prefer to display a webpage based on the design of their homepage. Personalized registration pages can be associated with your domain and optionally with individual email addresses. .For example, below is the standard page and the page for one of our clients, David McCarron CPA’s.

    The custom registration page normally costs $300 year one and $100 annually thereafter. Now, through March 31, 2009, the price is only $100 year one and $100 annually thereafter.

    The process is simple. You provide DigiPortal Software with the web address of the page on which you want the design of your custom registration page based. DigiPortal Software will build the page and submit it to you for your tweaking and/or approval. Potential clients will now be able to go directly from verifying their identity to surfing your site with only one click. DigiPortal Software will host, serve and maintain the page.

    For more information (and some examples) about custom registration pages, please check out: http://www.digiportal.com/products/89-sample-personalized-pages/244-smple-personalized-pages.html

    To take advantage of this special offer, please contact Ron Weindruch at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call him at 407 333-2488.