ChoiceMail One at a glance
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ChoiceMail One Features at a Glance  


Client Based
You do not have to forward your email to a web service – you can use your existing POP sources directly.

Emails are downloaded directly to your PC from your ISP and are not intercepted or stored by a 3rd party, as they would be with a server-based solution.

Works with your email application
ChoiceMail One does not replace your normal email application – you can continue to use your existing email application as long as it supports the industry-standard POP3 protocol.

Sender registration

Any unknown person sending you email must submit a registration request for your approval.

Preapproval management
You can add permission rules to accept or reject senders.   

Safe message preview
You can preview messages before deciding whether you want to allow them into your email application. No information is sent back to a spammer when you do this nor will a virus be triggered.

SQL Database
ChoiceMail One now uses a SQL database rather than INI files for most items, which greatly reduces memory requirements.

Virtual email addresses
ChoiceMail One includes 5 free virtual email addresses that you can use with vendors and others to whom you do not want to release your real email address. You can buy more virtual email addresses if you want to associate individual virtual addresses with specific vendors.

Import existing contacts
ChoiceMail One can import email addresses from many email applications so that your existing contacts are preapproved. You can also drag and drop email addresses and files containing email addresses.

Built-in email client
ChoiceMail One lets you create, reply to, and forward received messages quickly through a lightweight built-in email program. For many quick messages, it's no longer necessary to invoke your full email program.

Away responder
ChoiceMail One can reply automatically to people on your whitelist to let them know their message was received. You can also create a permission rule to send a message to a sender who meets the criteria of the rule.

Junk Box
ChoiceMail One saves all deleted mail in a Junk Box for future review, if required.

Automatic pre-approval
If you send an email to someone for the first time, that email address can be automatically preapproved so they are not challenged when they reply to you.

Installation Wizards
Installation is quick, simple, and easy. ChoiceMail One provides automatic support for Outlook Express, Outlook 98, 2000 – 2003, and Eudora.

Multiple Accounts
ChoiceMail One will work with all your POP accounts as well as MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL. (Optional plugin required. See page 17.) Regardless of the sources, all your email is aggregated into your primary email application.

One time charge
No cumbersome monthly payments.
Not a service
Emails are your property and remain as such. Your email continues to live on your own machine rather than on somebody else's server.

Registrations processed by ChoiceMail One
Registrations from legitimate senders are handled from inside the ChoiceMail One system. They do not appear in your email application so you are not interrupted unnecessarily.

Registration forms in multiple languages
ChoiceMail One users in non-English speaking countries can configure ChoiceMail so that senders see the registration form in a different language.