Converting from the Trial Version to the Retail Version
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If you are running ChoiceMail in trial mode and you plan to purchase a retail license, you should NOT uninstall the trial version. Instead, simply purchase a retail license of ChoiceMail One at our website. If you uninstall the trial version of ChoiceMail, you will lose all your settings, including your registered senders.  
When you purchase ChoiceMail, DigiPortal Software will send you a username and key. Choose Enter registration key from the Help menu to open the Registration window.  

Enter the Username and Key sent to you by DigiPortal Software and click OK. Your copy of ChoiceMail is now registered.  
Tip: When you receive the registration information in an email from DigiPortal, select the entire key by holding down the left mouse button as your roll across the key. Release the mouse and press Ctrl-C on the keyboard. Alternately, you can select the key, click the right mouse button, and choose Copy from the popup menu. This copies the key to the Clipboard.  
Then open the Registration window in ChoiceMail, click inside the Key field, and press Ctrl-V. Alternately, you can right-click inside the Key field and choose Paste from the popup menu. This pastes the key from the Clipboard to the Registration window.  
IMPORTANT: You have to STOP and START the ChoiceMail background service or restart your computer for changes to take effect. To Stop/Start the background service - please use the ChoiceMail Administrative Control Panel.