Manually changing account settings
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Email account settings  
It is not recommended that you manually change your account settings, but in some situations it is easier to do so manually or you want to access certain advanced options.  
To open the email account settings screen - please click on Options->Email accounts  
The PO3 source email address, username, password and host are all settings your ISP gave you. This is where ChoiceMail stores the information about your emaila ccounts. It is using this information to download mail from your ISP server.  
The test button can be used to test the selected account.  
The advanced button can be used to "peek" into the selected account without downloading complete messages. This can be used to delete some messages from your server BEFORE they are downloaded by ChoiceMail. Simply click on the "Advanced" button and wait for the refresh to finish. Then select the message you want to delete and click Delete.  
For more information see Direct access to ISP messages  
You can also specify if the isp server uses SSL connections or if you want to leave messages on the ISP server for a certain number of days.  
WARNING: NEVER leave mail on server and use another copy of ChoiceMail for the same email address. You will send duplicate challenge messages, have non synchronized senders list and most likely produce a whole myriad of issues. Use this feature ONLY if you plan to access your ISP mailbox using another email program or their webmail. Note that the original inbox will have all the messages there including spam.