Senders List
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Senders List  
The main window has a drop down list that provide views of different types of senders. Click a the desired list to open it.  

Unknown Senders – ChoiceMail lists all emails received from unknown senders (i.e., email addresses that are not included in your whitelist). ChoiceMail has sent each email address a registration request and is waiting for a response. Normally you should just leave these message in the list – when the registration expiration time has expired, the message is moved to the Junk Box and will eventually be deleted.  
Senders Waiting for Your Approval – ChoiceMail lists all the email senders who have responded to the registration message. You must approve or reject each sender unless you set your ChoiceMail up so that it auto-approves registered senders.     
Rejected Senders – ChoiceMail lists all the email addresses you've manually rejected on the blacklist. There is no need to reject most messages, as they will be deleted automatically when the registration period expires.     
Approved Senders – ChoiceMail lists all approved senders in the whitelist. These include any addresses from a contact list or email address book you imported, any senders you've manually approved, and any senders to whom you've sent a message.  
All Senders – Lists all senders: accepted, rejected, and unknown.