Server Setup
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The Administrative Control Panel lets the user have the ability to control the actual ChoiceMail server. This is done by clicking on the server setup button which will open a new window called General Settings.  
General Settings  
This is the General Tab with the initial default settings.  
Normally you will not need to change anything in this dialog.  
Root to mailboxes - Changes the path to the folder where ChoiceMail stores the mail temporarly. It is recommended that you never change this setting from the default value.  
SMTP Proxy connection - In ChoiceMail 4.x - emails do not need to be sent through ChoiceMail for pre-approval feature to work. In case of SSL SMTP servers though - you may need to route your outgoing mail through ChoiceMail to get the pre-approval working properly.  
If you have to use an SSL SMTP server to send out messages - your ChoiceMail is most likely already set to use SSL to send challenge messages itself already. All you have to do is change your outgoing (SMTP) server address in your email program to, uncheck the SSL option and make sure that the port number matches this SMTP Proxy port number in ChoiceMail. The outgoing mail will then go through ChoiceMail and back into your ISP SSL server.  
Click on Advanced Settings. The following will show up  
These settings are for EXTREMELY ADVANCED users only and changing any of these may render your ChoiceMail unusable.  
On this screen please click on the 'Change Access Permissions' button.  
This will bring up the IP Address control panel.  
By default it is set to 'Block remote access', you can change this to either 'Full remote access' or 'Allow specified Connections'.  
If you choose 'Full remote access' then you are done and can click OK at the bottom of the screen.  
'Full remote access' will permit anyone to connect to ChoiceMail as long as they can get to the server it is being hosted on.  
Normally this is the default setting. ChoiceMail will still not permit email relaying even with this setting on "Full Remote Access". Users have to POP the mail first before they are allowed to send.  
If you choose the option to 'Allow Specified connections' then you will need to supply the IP address of each machine that is allowed to connect to ChoiceMail Server.  
Example below shows that anyone on the local network with an IP address of 10.0.0.* will be able to access the server and ChoiceMail. The * lets you match a range of IP addresses. In additin you will see that an outside IP address was being added. This could be an IP address of someone working from home or at another office. Just remember that you must type one value or IP address at a time then click Add. Once you are done go ahead and click OK at the bottom of the screen.  
The next screen is the Pop Server, these settings should be left as defult unless told otherwise by the digiportal staff.