The Message Viewer
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ChoiceMail lets you view your incoming messages right from inside ChoiceMail , so you don't have to open your email application to see your latest messages. The system tray icon will blink with an icon displaying an open envelope (mail_out) if new messages are available to be read. Click the New Message Indicator button on the main window to open the Message Viewer window. You can choose Display Unread Message Viewer from the Options menu, or right-click the ChoiceMail system tray icon and choose Preview Approved Mail from the popup menu.  

The Message Viewer window's toolbar lets you perform several tasks:  


Message Preview – Click to preview the selected message. You can also double-click a message to preview it. ChoiceMail opens the Safe Message Preview window in which you can read the message. No information is sent back to the spammer and no viruses can be launched.  
Delete Message - Click to erase a message from your inbox.  
Refresh Messages – Click to have ChoiceMail for any new incoming messages that meet your acceptance criteria. Any new messages available are added to the list.