The Safe Message Preview Window
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When you open a message from the Unknown Senders window, the Registered Senders window, the Message Viewer window, or the Junk Box window, ChoiceMail opens the Safe Message Preview window.  

From the Unknown Senders window or the Registered Senders window, choose Unread Message Viewer from the Display menu to see subject information about the emails sent by all the senders in the list.  


From the Message Viewer or the Junk Box window, select a message and click the Preview Message button cmoclip104 or double-click the message to preview it. You can also right-click a message and choose Preview message from the popup menu.  
The Safe Message Preview window lets you preview a complete message before deciding whether to permit the message into you email application, or whether to delete it.  

Previewing a message through ChoiceMail is private, meaning that you can view a message without sending any information back to the sender. When you preview a message, any images that might be in the message are intentionally not available, because the very act of retrieving a secondary image from a web server is sufficient to send back information that allows a sender to identify your email address. Because ChoiceMail does not retrieve images, "web bugs" – those invisible images that let a sender know that you are looking at a message – are blocked. Nor will the Safe Message Preview window let any attached executable be triggered, so you are not at risk of letting a virus loose on your system. Previewing a message within the Safe Message Preview window means that you don't need toworry about your privacy being invaded without your knowledge, nor do you need to worry about launching a virus. The Safe Message Preview window's toolbar lets you perform several tasks:  
cmoclip112   cmoclip114  

Note: The Accept Message and Delete Message buttons do not display when you open the Safe Message Preview window from the Message Preview window because all the messages in this window have already been accepted.  
   Accept Message – Click to accept the selected message. ChoiceMail passes the message through to your email application's inbox.     
   Delete Message – Click to delete the selected message.     
Edit Permission Rules – Click to open the Permission management dialog, where you can edit your permission rules. This feature is useful if you see messages in the Safe Message Preview window that have been accepted or deleted incorrectly, perhaps because of a permission rule whose parameters are too broad. See the next section for details.     
You can also view the header information for the message, to see where it came from, and view the raw contents of the body of the message. Click the Message Headers tab and/or the Raw Body Content tab to view this information.  
The Domain List tab extracts all the servers referenced in the email message and finds the IP address for each one (if it exists). Remember that even if most of the message (including the email addresses) is fake, it is not much use to the spammer if it cannot entice you to their real website. (You can also have ChoiceMail delete any messages whose servers cannot be resolved in the first place.)  
Create a New Email Message - Click to create a new message using ChioceMail Quick Mail.  
Reply to Sender – Click to send an email reply to this sender, from within your email application. The content of the message you're previewing is automatically copied to the Windows Clipboard so you can paste it into your new message, if you wish. Note: Remember that if you send a message to a sender, that sender will automatically be added to your whitelist.  
Forward the Selected Message to Someone - Click to foward the unknown message to another email or another contact.  
Enable Live Links – Clicking URL links in the Safe Message Preview window is disabled by default, even though you can see the URL link in a message. Opening a webpage from an email message may send information back to a spammer that your email address is valid. If you really want to view the webpage, select the Live links checkbox and then click the desired link. Your default web browser opens to the appropriate webpage.  
The next time you open the Safe Message Preview window, however, the Live links feature is again disabled, to prevent you from accidentally opening a spammer's webpage.