Unknown Senders View
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This window displays a list of unknown senders who have sent you at least one email message. ChoiceMail has already sent back a registration request and is now waiting for the sender to register. From time to time you may want to browse this list, so that you can manually accept emails from people you recognize. In most cases you can just wait until a sender registers, at which point you will be notified explicitly. In other words, under normal circumstances, there is no need to explicitly reject or delete new senders that show up in this window. Leave them alone, and they will go away by themselves after a while.  
If you have subscriptions to email newsletters that are sent out by an automated system, or receive other emails that are sent automatically, you will need to approve the sender manually. You only have to do this once. There are three ways you can do this process.  
1.Wait until you receive an automated email in the Unknown Senders list. You can then select the sender of that email and right-click the   sender and choose Approve sender from the popup menu.  
2.You can sort the list by any column you choose by clicking the column header. You may find that it's most useful to sort the Unknown Senders list by received date, with the most recently received email at the top. You can then quickly see your most recent new senders if you want to monitor    new email. You can then approve the sender as described above.  
Note: If all your incoming email is displayed with BCC icons, it is most likely that the POP3 email address you specified is not the email address that people are actually using to reach you. In that case, you should tell ChoiceMail One about your other email address(es) that are being forwarded to the POP3 address you specified by setting an alias feature.