Adding or Removing protected accounts
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Adding or Removing protected email accounts  
If you need to add new email account to your ChoiceMail - the best method is to:  
1.Make sure you configure your account properly in your email application  
2.Make a Send/Receive test and make sure you can send and receive without ChoiceMail configured.  
3.At this point close your email application and simply re-run the choicemail setup wizard.  
4.Within the wizard - new address should show up and all you have to do is to add it to the list of your protected addresses.  
5.Finish the wizard and your addresses are protected.  
If you want to unprotect (remove) an account from ChoiceMail and revert to your ISP settings - just follow the same procedure above, but simply remove the addresses you do not want protected and finish the wizard.  
IMPORTANT NOTE: ChoiceMail stores your original configuration and will restore your original ISP settings back if you unprotect an email account.