Advanced Options Tab
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Advanced Options  
Override System Default Email Client  
You can choose to have ChoiceMail open a different email client than the one you normally use. Indeed, in advanced cases, you can cause any application you want to be triggered.  
Click the Choose button to open a popup menu of the email applications ChoiceMail finds installed on your system.  
Select the email application you want to use, or type the full pathname of the executable file (.exe).  
You can also specify that certain parameters be used with your chosen email application. The parameters are very application-dependent – check your email application documentation for details. Please also review our special notes for dealing with particular email applications on page 143.  
Specifying the default startup folder for your email application is usually not required but may be useful in some cases. If you choose an email application, the startup folder will default to the same directory as the application.  
Note: Changing to a different default email application does not configure that application to communicate with ChoiceMail. If you want to use a different email application, you must configure it manually to communicate with ChoiceMail.  
Opening Your Email Application Automatically  
You can specify that ChoiceMail should open your email application automatically once a certain number of messages are available.  
Type a non-0 value in the Open email application automatically when x messages are available edit box, or use the up/down arrow, to specify the number of emails that should trigger ChoiceMail One to launch your email application.