Benefits of using ChoiceMail One
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·Increased productivity – no more wasted time rummaging through useless emails  
·Hassle free operation – ChoiceMail One puts the "work" back where it belongs, in the hands of the sender  
·Never delete an important email – you are in control and review what you want and when you want it  
·Affordable – ChoiceMail One is inexpensive, priced for today's consumer  
·No annual membership – ChoiceMail One is not a subscription service  
ChoiceMail is also available as a multi-user version for small businesses that do not maintain their own mail server, and as an enterprise version for organizations that do have mail servers. The enterprise version is platform-independent and supports virtually all corporate email environments. These products have all the features of the single-user solution but without the need to install a desktop client. They also support web access for remote browsers and wireless PDAs. Please contact for more information about these products.  

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