Choicemail Installation
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If you downloaded ChoiceMail One from the DigiPortal Web site, the file name is CMOInstaller.exe. If you obtained the file from a shareware website, the file may be zipped. In that case, use a utility such as WinZip or PKZIP to extract the file first.  

1.Double-click this file to start the installation and follow the Installer prompts as you would for any Windows program installation. Click Next to get started.  
2.When the ChoiceMail One License Agreement window displays, click the Accept radio button and then click OK.  
3.Continue through the setup screens. The User Information screen may already display your name and company. If it does not, fill in these fields appropriately. (If you have purchased ChoiceMail One for personal use, you do not have to enter a name for a company then.)  
4.The Destination Location is the folder on your hard drive where the ChoiceMail One application will be installed. You can change the Destination Location or accept the default. However, if you've already installed a previous version of ChoiceMail One, you must install the new version in the same folder so that ChoiceMail One can pick up your existing settings.  
5.Once installation completes, you can select the checkbox to launch the application and click Finish. The ReadMe file displays – be sure to read these notes for any last minute updates. You're now ready to start using ChoiceMail One.  

·First Time Set Up  
·Using The Setup Wizard  
·Importing Existing Email Addresses  
·The First Time You Run ChoiceMail One  
·Configuring Firewalls for ChoiceMail One