ChoiceMail 5.x User Guide
Keyword Index

Design goals
How ChoiceMail One Works
Main Features
Benefits of using ChoiceMail One
Basic Email Information
System Requirements
ChoiceMail One at a glance
Choicemail Installation
First Time Set Up
Using The Setup Wizard
Importing Existing Email Addresses
The First Time You Run ChoiceMail One
Configuring Firewalls for ChoiceMail One
Manualy Configuring Email Applications
Using ChoiceMail One
Online Usage
Important concepts
The Registration Process
How Is Incoming Mail Processed
The Main Window
Display Options
Configuration Options
General Configuration Tab
Client Options Tab
Advanced Options Tab
Aliases and Mailing Lists
Message Customization
Senders List
Accepting and Rejecting Senders
Accepted and Rejected Domains
ChoiceMail One Indicators
Unknown Senders View
The ChoiceMail One System Tray Icon
The Message Viewer
The Junk Box Window
The Safe Message Preview Window
Virtual email addresses
The SmartAwayTM Autoresponder
Permission Management
Default permission rules
IP Address Range Editor (simple view)
IP Address Range Editor (advanced view)
Quick Mail
Locking ChoiceMail One
Re-configuring ChoiceMail
Adding or Removing protected accounts
Manually changing account settings
Direct access to ISP messages
Tips and Tricks
ChoiceMail Administrative Control Panel
Server Setup
User Management
Activity Logs
Technical Support
Converting from the Trial Version to the Retail Version

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