Configuring Firewalls for ChoiceMail
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Configuring Firewalls for ChoiceMail  

There are two basic kinds of firewalls: hardware and software. You may have one or both kinds. You should not have to reconfigure a hardware firewall to use ChoiceMail One for normal operation.  

If you are using a software firewall, such as ZoneAlarm, BlackIce Defender, or Norton Internet Security, you may be prompted several times for client and server permissions when you run ChoiceMail for the first time. In general you should just allow all the permissions requested.  
ChoiceMail (service and client) require permission to act as both a client and a server.  
Note: If you are updating from a previous version of ChoiceMail or from the trial version, your firewall may detect the change and SILENTLY block the new version. If ChoiceMail does not seem to be working or you are seeing access violations when you start ChoiceMail, make sure that your firewall is really configured to allow ChoiceMail to function.