Direct access to ISP messages
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Direct Access to Messages at your ISP  
Managing "Broken" Messages  
On a few occasions, spammers have managed to find ways to send invalid messages to your ISP server and prevent you from downloading mail.  
Up until now, the only workaround for stuck emails has been for users to use some sort of web based email application to delete the "broken" message.  
Although such attacks have become rare as ChoiceMail has matured, it still makes sense to allow users to explicitly delete broken messages on their servers.  
·Select one of your accounts in the POP3 accounts tab and click the Advanced button.  
The List Messages dialog displays and immediately connects to your server to get a list of all messages that are still on your server.  
·Click the Refresh button to refresh the list if you don't see the "broken" message. You can then click any of the messages to see a summary of the message on the right. To delete that message, click the Delete button.  
Note: Do not arbitrarily delete messages that you do not recognize. You should only use this mechanism to delete messages that ChoiceMail was not able to download. In other words, use this feature with care. When you are finished, click the Close button to close this window.