First Time Set Up
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First Time Setup  

Before ChoiceMail - your Inbox is bombarded with all the mail addressed to you including spam.  
ChoiceMail positions itself between your email application and the mail server patroling the mail that comes into your email inbox cutting out the spam.  
This is accomplished by changing the incoming (POP3) and sometimes outgoing (SMTP) server information in your email application so that it now points to ChoiceMail. ChoiceMail itself must be configured to connect to your email servers. If you are using an anti-virus program, it may also be necessary to change the ports for these servers.  

do-it If you did not start ChoiceMail One from the final screen of the installer, go ahead and start it now by double-clicking the icon on the desktop or by choosing DigiPortal Software applications and then ChoiceMail One from the Programs menu.  
If you are using ChoiceMail One for the first time, you can run the Setup wizard to configure some standard email applications. ChoiceMail can automatically configure Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Eudora (4 & 5), and Outlook 98, 2000 – 2003. If you are using a different email application, you will have to set up ChoiceMail manually to connect to your email servers, and you will also have to configure your email application manually to connect to ChoiceMail  

You can add new accounts at anytime while ChoiceMail is running.