Important concepts
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A sender is the originator of an email message. You can have multiple email messages associated with a sender.  

Accepting a sender  
When you accept or approve a sender, the sender is added to your whitelist. Accepting an unknown sender means that ChoiceMail One will permit all future emails coming from that sender's email address to pass through to your email application.  
Rejecting a sender  
If you reject a sender, ChoiceMail One places that sender on your blacklist, and will not permit any email messages from that sender to pass through. Because of the way ChoiceMail One works, it is rarely necessary to explicitly put a sender on your blacklist.  

Deleting a sender  
If you delete a sender, it is as if that sender never existed in your system. If that sender subsequently sends you another message, they will get an automatic response asking them to register. It is rarely necessary to explicitly delete a sender – a sender who does not register will be deleted automatically, along with all his/her emails.  

If you do not approve a sender, his/her email messages are held up. However, you can manually allow individual email messages from a particular sender to be passed through to your email application while waiting for the sender to register. You can also read a message in the Safe Message Preview window from the Unknown Senders view.  

You can optionally allow or block all messages coming from a particular domain, such as your favorite store or a company with whom you do business. Even if you have approved (or blocked) a domain, you can override the permission (or denial) for specific senders within that domain.  

Registration Process  
You can manually add a sender to your whitelist or your blacklist. For example, if you know you will be receiving emails from , you can manually preapprove this sender so that he will not be asked to register when he sends you a message.  

Automatic Preapproval  
ChoiceMail automatically adds a new sender to your whitelist when it detects that you are sending a message to someone who is currently unknown to ChoiceMail. If that sender is already on one of your lists (the Unknown Senders list or the blacklist), ChoiceMail One automatically moves that sender to your whitelist.  

Importing contacts  
You can preapprove known senders by importing email addresses from your email application's contact list or address book into ChoiceMail One.  

Permission Rules  
You can create rule-based filters to determine the disposition of a new email message based on its content. You'll rarely need to create a permission rule because of ChoiceMail One's automatic approval system, but you may find it useful to automatically accept email messages coming from a list server where the sender is different every time.  
With list server messages, it does not make sense to accept each sender manually because there could be thousands of senders. Instead, you can have ChoiceMail One look for some identifying information in the header or body of list server messages to determine what to do with them.