Importing Existing Email Addresses
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Importing Existing Email Addresses  
If you want, ChoiceMail can import a list of existing email addresses and preapprove those addresses so that incoming emails from these addresses are automatically accepted.  

1.ChoiceMail prompts you to import your address book when you run the Configuration wizard. You can also choose Import Address Book from the Actions menu to open the Address Book Selection dialog.  
ChoiceMail can import email addresses that are in the Windows Address Book (WAB) format, which is used by Outlook Express, and from Eudora. If you're using Eudora, ChoiceMail will prompt you to search for your Eudora's nickname file. This may take a while if you have a lot of files on your system. ChoiceMail can also import contacts from Outlook 98, 2000, and 2002.  
For other email clients, you must first export your contact list into a file so that it can be read by ChoiceMail One. If you are offered different export options, select either the text file or the comma-delimited fields format. Then you can use the Comma Separated Values option in the ChoiceMail One Address Book Selection dialog. Most email applications can easily export your contact list into a CSV (Comma Separate Values) file easily and with only a few clicks.  
2.Click the checkbox next to each email address you want to import. Click Select All to enter a checkmark next to all your email addresses – you can then clear the ones you don't want to import. Or click Clear All and then select the addresses to import.  
When you click OK, all the selected email addresses become preapproved in ChoiceMail One and are added to your whitelist of approved senders. (You can view this list by choosing Approved Senders from the View menu.)  


Drag and Drop Feature  
You can also drag an email address or a file containing multiple email addresses from your email application or any other application, such as a text editor or spreadsheet, and drop it into ChoiceMail One.  

·Open the ChoiceMail One view to which you want to add an email address. Drag and drop the email address into this view. ChoiceMail One checks to make certain the email address isn't already included in one of your lists.  
Note: You may have to adjust the windows on your computer monitor so that you can see both the ChoiceMail One window and the other application with the email address to add.  
Uninstalling ChoiceMail One  
If you decide to uninstall ChoiceMail One, use the Add/Remove Programs application in the Control Panel to start the uninstaller. You will be prompted to restore your original settings.  

Warning: Do not simply delete the ChoiceMail folders – you will lose all email messages that you have not yet approved, as well as messages that have not yet been received by your email application. Before uninstalling, you may first want to disable ChoiceMail One filtering (see page 27) and retrieve all remaining emails that are being held by ChoiceMail.