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ChoiceMail is an email management solution that requires senders to get your permission before they are able to send emails to you. When an unknown person (called a new sender) sends an email to you (the recipient), ChoiceMail One prevents the email from reaching you at that time. Instead, ChoiceMail automatically sends an email back to the sender, asking them to register. The sender is directed to a webpage and asked to fill in some information (name, email address, and the reason for contacting you) and then submit that information. The sender must also type a number displayed in a graphic, something an automated system cannot do. Only after the sender has registered do you become aware that a new sender is trying to contact you. This process by itself is sufficient to remove almost all unsolicited or junk email because automated systems cannot respond to the registration request.

Once someone registers, ChoiceMail One alerts you with a popup message; you can choose to allow or block the sender from communicating with you.

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