IP Address Range Editor (simple view)
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IP Address Range Editor (Simple View)  
When you request that a messages containing a particular server to beblocked, ChoiceMail One dispays a simple dialog to confirm that you want to block this IP address. If the Block button does not appear, it means that you just opened the dialog manually.  
You can also manually add an IP address to your blocklist. When you click the IP blocking button on the Permission Management dialog, a simple IP Address Range Editor dialog displays, indicating the number of IP addresses currently on your blocklist.  
Note: When you install ChoiceMail One, no IP addresses are included on your blocklist.  
The first time you click the IP blocking button, ChoicMail One prompts you to select some IP addresses from a list of addresses that DigiPortal Software has confirmed are responsible for sending out spam email messages.  
Click the Yes button to display the list of spam IP address regions.  
You can also explicitly access the Region dialog by choosing Merge regions from the File menu on the IP Address Range Editor dialog.  
Click the Select all button to enter a checkmark next to all IP regions. You can then clear the checkbox next to the IP regions you don't want to block.  
Click the Clear all button to clear all the checkboxes. You can then select the regions you want to block.  
DigiPortal Software has provided a starting set of regions that contain IP address ranges that have been found to be associated with sending out spam. Based on your needs, you can use all or a partial set of these regions to start with. You can then add more IP addresses and regions manually as needed.  
Note - it is possible for a domain check system to be unable to resolve a particular server into an address for a variety of reasons such as DNS servers temporarily down. In this case, the message will simply appear in your unknown senders list.  
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