Main Features
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ChoiceMail One includes the following features:  

·Approval-based email management  
·Automatic whitelisting  
·Easy installation – Installation wizards make setup and program management a snap  
·Permission management  
·User-specific whitelist  
·Optional user-specific blacklist  
·Unlimited user-defined rules to accept or reject certain types of email, such as newsletters  
·Built-in rules that eliminate as much as 90% of spam  
·Works with all POP-based email applications  
·Supports secure password authentication (SPA) and SSL  
·Supports multiple POP accounts owned by a single user  
·Easy setup – allows "approved" listing to be generated from most of today's contact management software – Outlook Express, Eudora, and Outlook 98, and 2000 – 2003  
·Safe previewing of messages without information being sent back to spammers  
·Junk box – review automatically deleted mail  
·Client-based for complete privacy  
·Built-in lightweight email client  

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