Online Usage
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There is two ways to log into your choicemail online. You can click on the Open In Web Broswer button which is located in your choicemail folder located in the all program tab from the start button.

The second way to log into your chociemail is to open up your web broswer (ie. Internet Explorer or Firefox) and type the following url into your web broswer: http://your ip address:8888 so for example this will let you log into choicemail from anywhere.

Login Page
Here you will need to input your choicemail username and password.
Picture login

The Home Page
Once you log in to ChoiceMail over the web, the home page will be displayed.

Picture 5

The menu on the left provides access to all the main features of ChoiceMail. If you are accessing ChoiceMail from a wireless PDA, the page will be formatted differently to accommodate the small screen. In particular, rather than a menu down the left hand side, there will be a little dropdown menu at the top of the screen.

Choicemail Online will let you access your choicemail application and make changes to it as if you were on the machine itself.

Note: if ChoiceMail does not detect any activity from your browser within a set period of time (normally 15 minutes), it will log you out automatically for security purposes.