The ChoiceMail One System Tray Icon
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Most of the time you'll have ChoiceMail minimized so that it is only accessible through a system tray icon (in the lower right-hand corner of your computer screen). The system tray icon will blink with an icon displaying an open envelope (mail_out) if new messages are available to be read. If you just move the mouse over the icon, a hint will pop up to provide some more details. Double-click the ChoiceMail system tray icon to restore the ChoiceMail main window and click the New Messages Indicator button . You can also right-click the system tray icon and choose Preview approved mail from the popup menu.  
The system tray popup menu options are:  
windows Restore ChoiceMail One – Opens the main ChoiceMail window.  
mail_write Email accounts settings – Direct access to your account configuration.  
funnel Permission management – Direct access to the permission management section of ChoiceMail.  
at Virtual Email Addresses – If your version of ChoiceMail supports virtual email addresses, you can click on this menu item to quickly select one of your virtual email addresses and copy it to the clipboard.  
mail_exchange Check for new email now – ChoiceMail automatically checks for new mail every 10 minutes. You can change that option in the Preferences dialog (choose Preferences from the Options menu) but you can also have ChoiceMail One check for new mail immediately. This is useful if you are expecting a message and don't want to wait for the next automatic check.  
clock Enable Away Message – Switches on ChoiceMail's auto-responder so that you can send out automatic replies to people on your whitelist when you're not available.  
mail_view Preview Approved Mail – Opens the Message Viewer window when you have new approved email messages waiting to be downloaded to your inbox. (The ChoiceMail system tray icon will blink when you have new approved messages waiting for download.) See the Message Viewer section for details about viewing messages from within ChoiceMail.  
Open Email Application – Opens your default email application if it is not already open.  
Select SMTP server – If you have defined multiple SMTP servers, you can quickly change the server that ChoiceMail is using. This feature is useful when you're traveling and need to connect to a different SMTP server for a different ISP than the one you normally use.  
exit Exit – Closes down ChoiceMail completely. Note that starting with version 4.x of ChoiceMail - it is no longer required that you run this client window to receive and send your mail. The ChoiceMail background service will work with or without this window open.