The First Time You Run ChoiceMail One
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Once the install is finished and you have imported your address book a message may pop up reminding you that you might need to imput your outgoing (SMTP) username and password again.  
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The message in the window above will let you know that ChoiceMail is properly configured with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) but it is not yet configured with your email application. Choice MAil will remain disabled until your email application has successfully connected to it.  
Leave ChoiceMail running and launch the email application that you configured with ChoiceMail. When it starts up, check for new email, if it does not do this automatically.  
Your email application should appear to run normally, although no emails will actually be retrieved.  
Note: Once your email application has indeed connected successfully to ChoiceMail, a hint will pop up letting you know that it's now ready to run.  
When ChoiceMail downloads your email messages for the very first time, it does not attempt to block them, filter them, or send registration messages. This is because ChoiceMail One must first download, and then remove, any old messages that may have been left on your server. It would not be appropriate for ChoiceMail One to send a registration request in response to an old email.  
Therefore, if there are old messages on your server, these will all appear again in your email application's inbox. You can review them and delete any old messages.  
ChoiceMail will not leave email on the server by default. After this first-time download, ChoiceMail One will begin its task of blocking unknown email messages for you.  
You can leave ChoiceMail running all the time, especially if you have a broadband (DSL or cable) connection to the Internet. If you did not select this option during installation, you can configure ChoiceMail to start up automatically when you start Windows. (The background service will always run in the background and process your emails.)  
If you want to open the client window on windows startup - choose Configuration from the Options menu and select the checkbox next to Auto start ChoiceMail when Windows starts at the bottom of the Configuration window. Click OK  
If you are using a software firewall product such Zone Alarm or Black Ice Defender, you will probably get an alert the first time you run ChoiceMail. When prompted, you should allow ChoiceMail One to both connect to the Internet (so that it can access your incoming email) and to act as a server (so that your own email client can connect to ChoiceMail One).  
Note: By default, ChoiceMail Single User does not accept connections from other machines.