The Junk Box Window
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When a message comes in, ChoiceMail needs to determine what to do with it. By examining the message headers, your existing whitelist and blacklist, and any permission rules you may have created or installed with the program, ChoiceMail can determine whether the message should be passed through to your email application, blocked pending registration (for cases when a registration request is sent back), or actually deleted.  

When ChoiceMail deletes a message, it moves the message to the Junk Box window as a safety measure. Some users like to be able to review the messages scheduled for permanent deletion, to make sure that nothing important is deleted by mistake (though this is a very unlikely occurrence).  
You can review the contents of the Junk Box at your convenience by clicking the Junk Box button cmoclip59 on the main window and choosing Show the Junk Box from the popup menu. (You can also choose Display Junk Box from the Options menu.)  

Messages are deleted from the Junk Box window after 4 days by default – you can change this time period by setting a preference.  


The Junk Box window displays the kind of message, the date the message was received, the date the message was moved to the Junk Box, the sender's email address, the address to which it was sent (your email address), the subject line, and the reason the message was deleted (i.e., moved to the Junk Box). This last item is particularly useful to help you understand why a particular message was deleted when you expected it to be accepted or challenged.  
The Junk Box window's toolbar lets you perform several tasks:  
Message Preview – Click to preview the selected message. You can also double-click a message to preview it. ChoiceMail opens the Safe Message Preview window in which you can read the message. No information is sent back to the spammer.  
Accept Message – Click to accept the selected message. ChoiceMail undeletes the message and passes it through to your email application's inbox.  
Reject Message – Click to permanently delete the selected message.  
Approve The Selected Sender - Click to let a sender from the Junk Box go to the Whitelist.  
Purge Junk Box – Click to permanently delete all the messages in the Junk Box.  
Refresh Junk Box – Click to refresh the display of deleted messages in the Junk Box.