The SmartAwayTM Autoresponder
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ChoiceMail's SmartAwayTM autoresponder lets you notify senders that you are away.  
Your email program may already have some form of away message, but you will find features in SmartAwayTM that email programs usually don't have.  

·It lets you easily create/edit custom away messages. Choose "Options/Preferences/Away and Notifications"  
(Note, this is the last tab in Preferences. Depending on your screen settings, you may have to scroll to the right to see it).  
·It will only send messages to approved senders. It will not tell unknown senders you are away.  
·It will only send one "away" message to any sender during a single absence.  
You can activate the away message feature by right-clicking the ChoiceMail icon and choosing "Enable Away Message" or you can open ChoiceMail and choose "Actions/Enable Away Message"  
Select the desired options and click on the YES button to switch the away message on.  

Note: If you check your email via the Internet while you are away, we recommend that you do one of the following before you leave:  
·Set ChoiceMail to retrieve messages manually, or  
·Turn off your computer. Otherwise, ChoiceMail will continue downloading messages automatically and when you check your email remotely, your mailbox will be empty.