Virtual email addresses
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A virtual email address is a temporary email address you can create and give out to vendors, newsletter systems and so forth so that you don't have to release your real email address.  
The main purpose of virtual addresses is to ensure that email from legitimate senders of automated email (i.e., senders whom you can't realistically whitelist in advance, such as online vendors and newsletters) will get to your inbox without your having to search for them. Depending on how you create and give out your virtual addresses, you can also tell who is responsible for passing your address on to a spammer.  
Mail send to any of your virtual email addresses will be automatically approved by ChoiceMail. Virtual addresses eliminate the need to have multiple email address (i.e., a "real" one and a "give to online entities" one).  
ChoiceMail includes up to 5 virtual email addresses. You may find however that you wish to use separate virtual email addresses for each vendor and newsletter/mailing list from whom you receive mail so that if you begin to receive spam, you can just change one address and notify one vendor rather than having to notify lots of vendors. You can also tell which vendor or mailing list was responsible for "exposing" the email address. You can buy more virtual email addresses in paks of 50 per year. Please visit our website at for more information.  
Virtual email addresses are only available to users who have purchased a retail version of ChoiceMail. They are not available in the trial version of ChoiceMail. You will need to create an online account and register your ChoiceMail license before you can use virtual email addresses.  
There are some reasonable restrictions on virtual email addresses. Virtual email addresses are intended to allow things like receipts and notification from vendors, text postings from newsgroups and so forth. They are not intended to be used to receive large attachments such as documents and photographs. The actual size of messages allowed through virtual email is therefore limited to prevent abuse of the virtual email address feature.  
To manage your virtual email addresses, click Actions | Virtual addresses from the main ChoiceMail menu.  

This will open up the online manager dialog. from which you can create and modify virtual email addresses  

Using virtual email addresses.  
You create and manage virtual email addresses directly from inside ChoiceMail.  
Click on "Create New" to create a new virtual email address. You will be prompted to enter a new address. Note that you only can create the first segment of this email address. If you leave the field empty, a random address will be created for you automatically.  

Click OK. You will then be prompted to provide a purpose for this address.  

This is optional and intended for your own use to remind you how you are using this particular virtual address.  
Click OK. ChoiceMail will contact the server and update your virtual email address list.  
Deleting a virtual email address  
To delete a virtual email address that you no longer wish to use, select the address and click the Delete button.  
Changing the purpose of a virtual email address  
To edit the purpose associated with an existing virtual email address, simply double-click on the email address and you will be prompted to change the purpose message.  
Correcting your username.  
If you entered your username or password incorrectly, ChoiceMail One will not be able to log in to your online account. You will see an error message indicating this problem. Click on "Correct username" to reenter your username and password.